Indie Game Media Outreach and Promotional Training + Resources

I train indie game developers how to reach out to news media, bloggers, and other influencers, along with connecting them to other helpful tips and resources.

Glean insights from an active PR & New Media Marketing Professional with 10+ years experience helping Gaming, Entertainment, Publishers and Emerging Technology professionals succeed with their promotions.

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199$ (Indie Game Pitch Training Course)
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Indie Game Pitch Training

The course is not yet available, but when it is, you will get 25% OFF Coupon Mailed to you: Valid till Nov 30th 2017 You may also click this link to save once the course is live! Save 25% OFF Who is this course for? If you're a new indie game studio or fellow game industry executive who wants to perform media outreach and connect with journalists on online news gaming outlets, bloggers, streamers and other influencers. If you want to learn easy methods toward presenting your game better online -  then this course is for you! Course Content Delivery: This course consists of 12x5 minute bite-size video courses (1 full hour of content  + some companion materials), keeping the busy design/development schedule of the viewer in mind. Content Delivered: (Questions Answered) How to build a subscriber list, methods and best practices and or platforms? What should a game website look like, and what pages should I include on the Navigation bar? Do I need a separate game site?  Where to find gamers who may like to try my game? Where can I network with other developers? Should I blog? How frequent? Promote it? How do you write a game pitch?  How to create a game press release or pitch? Structure? What is a press kit? Why do I need one? How do I create one? What goes in it? How and where to find journalist? What is a media list? How to build one? Is there a set method for outreaching to journalist? What should you say? How to get their attention? How to grow a social audience and fan community? Is twitter useful for game marketing? Why? How do I use Twitter to find my following? Hashtags? What is the best to use? How to start a crowdfunding campaign for a game? Should I do crowdfunding?  What is the preparation that goes into it? What if I don’t fund? What is Why do I need it? How do you set one up? How do you promote one best? What to expect? Other useful tools and resources will be provided with the course.
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